Re-discover your Sparkle. Over time your jewellery, especially wedding and engagement rings, can become casualties to everyday wear and tear and need some professional TLC to restore them to their former sparking glory.

To help keep your jewellery as beautiful as the day you bought it we offer an extensive range of in-house repair services such as:

  • Engagement ring cleaning, polishing and rhodium plating
  • Professional resizing of rings up or down.
  • Diamond and gemstone resetting and replacement
  • Shanks, settings, claws repairs and replacements
  • Repairs to neckchains and bracelets

We appreciate the great sentimental value attached to jewellery and take the utmost of care with your treasured pieces.  Working from our fully equipped workshop we provide a first class, efficient jewellery repair, remodelling and design service.   Items left for cleaning are inspected for damage or loose stones and any necessary repair work advised and estimated.

Why not give your old jewellery a new lease of life?

Tired of your old jewellery or have you inherited a piece that really isn’t your style?  We would love to help you transform it into an exquisite new piece you can enjoy wearing with pride. With a little creativity, our expert goldsmith can re-style and re-model some your old jewellery items into fabulous new pieces while still retaining the significance or sentiment of the original piece.

Contact us for a free design consultation to discuss how we can create something new and exciting from your existing jewellery.

” I have taken my jewellery to the Kneisels for over 30 years, jannes always cleaned & repaired by pieces for me and I still wear the engagement ring I bought from Joanie many,many years ago!” Carole, Ardkeen