in-house goldsmith


What could be more romantic than presenting the one you love with a wedding ring made by your own hand?
At Kneisel’s we offer you such a unique opportunity.  Through private instruction by our experienced in-house goldsmith you will be guided through the creative process to craft the ring that will become a symbol of your love forever.

So why not take time out during the busy wedding build-up to spend a fun day together, learning a new skill, hand crafting a “one of a kind” piece, but most of all creating a treasured shared memory. Working in a private casual atmosphere at your own jewellery bench, you will have access to all the equipment needed and expert guidance from our goldsmith.

make your own ring

Why not book a free, no obligation, consultation with our goldsmith to talk about the choices, even if you’re not sure which metal to choose or style to go for we have an extensive range of rings you can try on to help you.

In our experience a simple wedding band such as traditional, polished or rustic, hammered finish will take approx. 4-5 hours to complete.  Rings with more intricate designs may need additional custom work at our end so must be left with us for a short period of time. You will also need to allow a couple of weeks to have your rings hallmarked.

Getting started

To start you need to meet our goldsmith for a free no obligation consultation. Have a good idea of what you want your rings to look like, take images of rings you have seen online or in shops or magazines. We have an extensive range of rings in the shop for you to look at and try on to give you ideas.

These are options you will have to think about and discuss…

You can choose from silver, yellow, white or rose gold, or platinum.   We do advise that metal for the ladies wedding ring matches that of their engagement ring as this will wear best over time.  All metals used are charged by gram weight. Please note that due to fluctuations in metal prices, the overall price will be quoted at the time of your initial consultation.


Wedding Ring WorkshopMost gents opt for rings between 4mm-8mm. Please note that if you go for a very wide ring in gold or platinum the cost will go up significantly. Ladies usually opt for rings between 2.5mm-4mm and the deciding factor is what suits her engagement ring if she wears one.


Flat / D-shaped / court shaped. The ladies ring may need to be a shaped ring to curve around the engagement ring.

Finger Size

Your finger size will be accurately taken to help us estimate the amount of precious metal needed

stone set

If you wish to have diamonds set into your ring you must leave it in the workshop after you have made it and we will professionally set the stone for you.

Most couples choose to engrave their rings with a special message or date of the wedding. This can be done on the day on the inside of your ring while you watch. If you want more intricate engraving done on the outside or inside of your ring such as a design or a copy of your handwriting we can get that done by our specialist hand engraver.

Once we know the colour of metal, the amount we need and any additional extras we will then give you an estimate cost and schedule you in for a day that suits.

The cost of the set of rings will be determined by the metal chosen and the design.  Workshop fabrication + metal weight + any additionals = total

Workshop fabrication session €300 per couple


Ladies wedding band from €20
Gents wedding band from €40

9ct Gold

Ladies wedding band €90 – €200
Gents wedding band €160 – €320

18ct Gold

Ladies wedding band €90 – €200
Gents wedding band €160 – €320
(plus casting cost for rose gold)


ladies wedding band  €200 – €500
gents wedding band  €550 – €900

18ct rose gold and palladium are very difficult metals to work with. Should you chose either of these metals you will make the rings in silver on the day, and then we will send them off to be cast into an exact replica in your chosen metal. Casting costs approximately €110 per ring on top of the metal

-Hand engraving on outside of ring (approx. €45 per ring and will take 7-10 working days)
engraving on inside of ring is done during your workshop and already included in the price.

-Diamond or coloured stones set in to rings

-Hall marking of rings in Dublin Castle (€45-50)

At the end of your workshop session you will take home a quality handmade pair of wedding bands, polished, boxed and ready for your special day.

For enquiries or to book a consultation, please give us a call on 051 875033 or email To purchase your own workshop experience Click here

Please note: all workshop dates are now booked for 2017. The next available date is February 2018.