Gift ideas for every occasion, from christening to retirement and

all those special occasions in between.

Many people like to give a gift of jewelry that the baby can keep and wear when they are older. This can be childrens jewelry from a brand such as Kit Heath or a classic piece of gold jewelry such as cufflinks for a boy or a tiny 9ct gold disk with Initials engraved on it for a girl.

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Masculine gifts for all occasions, we stock a selection of Woodford pocket watches, hip flasks and cufflinks. Inhouse engraving available for the personal touch.

From jewellery handcrafted from Irelands finest designers, to the very best of international brands. Our selection of unqiue jewellery pieces will sure to delight her

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Gifts pen

For important clients, employees and colleagues, nothing is more exciting to
receive than a gift from Kneisel Jewellers. Recognize professional accomplishments with elegant, personalized and engraved gifts for both customers and employees. Kneisel Jewellers can
make this process both simple and affordable.

A secrid wallet is the prefect gift, .a practical luxury wallet, handcrafted from the finest European leather.Small wallets driven by a clever motion